Empowered To Run

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Run for office successfully and govern effectively

There are nearly 520,000 elected offices nationwide, 
with the vast majority either uncontested or barely contested.  
You have an opportunity to win one of these offices and serve your community.
Empowered To Run will guide and prepare you for the race and the job ahead.


Assess where you are in the process of running for office and learn what the next steps are.


Address knowledge & skill gaps.  Make an informed decision about running.


Match with people and other organizations who can help.

Join us.  Partner with us.
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Shape our future

Shape our future
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 Empowered To Run

Empowered To Run is an early stage nonprofit preparing people interested in state & local office to run successfully and govern effectively.  We are developing new digital tools to lower knowledge and skill barriers-to-entry, at scale.


Twitter: @EmpoweredToRun
LinkedIn: Empowered To Run


Head of Product: Lead our tech & design efforts through prototype development and beyond. Check out the opportunity and contact us if you might be a good fit!

Board of Advisors members: Contribute to the success of our mission: advise us on relevant political terrain, resource opportunities, academic insights, political-tech startup best practices, and more. Interested? Connect with us below.

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